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23/05- 200 tests added - Kích đúp chuột vào từ cần tra để tra từ điển

IELTS Task 1



Tuyển 10

Grade 12




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1) deity

a) n. a god 
b) n. a ludicrous and complete failure
c) adj. extravagantly romantic or idealistic; highly impractical
d) n. evenness of temper or mind


2) protuberant

a) n. a superficial appearance or show designed to impress one with superiority
b) n. one who advocates extreme basic changes
c) adj. profuse or generous; given to extravagance
d) adj. bulging or swelling out 

3) retrieve

a) v. to make good; to recover 
b) adj. sentimental to the point of tears
c) adj. entertaining
d) adj. inclined, through some whim or fancy change the mind, purpose, or actions suddenly

4) dearth

a) n. scarcity
b) v. to punish or criticize severely
c) v. to cause, produce, or stir up
d) adj. habitually fond of associating in a company or herd

5) integrity

a) n. honesty, moral soundness
b) adj. liable to make mistakes or be deceived
c) adj. possessing similar interests and tastes; able to get on well with others
d) adj. very heavy; clumsy

6) delete

a) n. an increase
b) n. an original pattern
c) n. working together secretly for an evil purpose
d) v. to erase or cancel, take out or remove

7) demagogue

a) n. departure, emigration
b)adj. worldly, as opposed to spiritual; existing for a time only
c) n. a leader who tries to stir the passions of people for his own purposes 
d) n. prolonged duration of life

8) mettle

a) adj. sentimental to the point of tears
b) n. a persistent feeling, idea, activity, etc., which dominates a person; the state of being exclusively preoccupied by a fixed idea
c) v. to be sorry for
d) n. disposition; spirit

9) predatory

a) adj. inclined to plunder or rob; preying on, others 
b) n. an assumption made for the sake of argument
c) n. confused, unintelligible, meaningless talk; special vocabulary used only by members of a group or trade
d) adj. outstandingly bad

10) dissent

a) n. partiality or preference for; a favorable opinion arrived at beforehand
b) v. to disagree; to differ in opinion
c) v. to banish or exile; to withdraw from one's country
d) n. a relation between two things shown in the resemblance not of the things themselves but of their characteristics

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